Here's the deal...

For rappers, singers & songwriters.

Here's the protocol:

  1. Purchase beat(s) from me.
  2. Immediately receive a digital download link (via email) to the beat(s) you purchased (in High-Quality Stereo WAV format)
  3. Record song(s) to the beat(s) & use them to promote you and/or your artist campaign!
  4. If you're interested in purchasing exclusive rights, please visit the "Rules For Use" page for instructions and details.
  5. The single "J. Clyde" tag will remain at the beginning of all beats purchased under non-exclusive lease (It's only $30 - I can't risk counting on every artist to make sure I get my production credit! I'm building a brand here, so please understand where I'm coming from). If you purchase exclusive rights to the beat, then it is at your discretion to leave or delete the "J. Clyde" tag from the multi-track files.