"Looking For A Love" Instrumental by J. Clyde

$ 30.00

I have a lot of beats that are perfect for M.O.P.. This is one of them.

This beat is available to purchase & use as a NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE.

Immediately after purchase, you will receive a mixed 2-track .WAV STEREO file, via instant download (instrument stems/splits are NOT available without the purchase of exclusive rights).


What you can do with this beat:

  • Make a song using this beat
  • Include it as a song on your free mixtape or album
  • Say "Produced by J. Clyde"
  • Perform it at your live shows
  • Promote freely and digitally


What you cannot do with this beat:

  • Make a song using the beat to sell it in any way to make a profit (Digital Markets & Physical product are prohibited. ex: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD's, Tapes, USB Sticks, etc).
  • Re-sell the beat to someone else.


For EXCLUSIVE rights to this beat (i.e. the right to make money through digital markets & physical products):

  • Send an inquiry to info@jclydebeats.com. Please put the words "Exclusive Offer" in the subject line of the email.
  • In your inquiry, please make a reasonable monetary offer for the rights to the multi-track files for the above beat.
  • I will review your offer, and get back to you within 24 hours with an acceptance, or a counter-offer.
  • If we agree on a price, and the transaction comes to fruition, the beat that you have acquired will be immediately removed from www.jclydebeats.com.
  • The single "J. Clyde" tag will remain at the beginning of all beats purchased under non-exclusive lease (It's only $30 - I can't risk counting on every artist to make sure I get my production credit! I'm building a brand here, so please understand where I'm coming from). If you purchase exclusive rights to the beat, then it is at your discretion to leave or delete the "J. Clyde" tag from the multi-track files.